“Letters to a young poet”

letter to a young poet

A friend just gave me this book, I started yesterday… Untill the first letter, I feel close and concern, I imagine I could be this young poet. It remind me this selfportrait done in Arles (South of France) 2 or 3 years ago…. go into yourself and see how deep the place is

Letter I

in english    http://www.carrothers.com/rilke1.htm

in french      http://beq.ebooksgratuits.com/classiques/Rilke_Lettres_a_un_jeune_poete.pdf                              page 8



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  1. Having recently seen the trilogy, I can’t help but think of Lisbeth Salander in this photo. Standing in this bare and abandoned room she seems small, vulnerable, questioning, yet the room also inhabits a tremendous warmth–the wooden floor becoming like the earth itself, holding her, giving stability and sustenance to her character.

  2. I exist within myself.

    My own pen describes me,
    yet I am indescribable.

    A woman within a woman
    and a girl within herself.

    There is a place…

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