Invisible Landscapes

This series of photographs incorporates my work with the energetic dimension of specific locations around the SF Bay Area. Each spot possesses a unique energetic flow which functions in relationship to the larger landscape, and with the people who come to be in its presence.

What you see represented here arrives through communication with the land, and through my artistic lens. It’s my intention to express the essence of each place accordingly, with integrity and respect as I continue to deepen my connection with the Earth and learn to perceive ever more its subtle realms.


invisible landscape #6
invisible landscape #3, Marin
invisible landscape #4, Marin

Invisible Landscapes II
Invisible Landscapes III
Invisible Landscapes IV
Invisible Landscapes V
Invisible Landscapes VI

Blue Moon

A new piece to mark the relaunch of Le-Corridor, and to tie you over until a new series of work begins.

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