about_usLoo and Magali have crafted a container wherein they ask: How do we stay true to the creative impulse as it reveals itself to us? How do we give form to what wishes to come through in the most authentic manner, and be open to birthing new modes of expression?

In 2014 they began their One Year Art Process where for 52 weeks they engaged in artistic discourse with one another by each creating a new work for that week, and sharing it on the same day. No discussions were made in advance about the topic. The resulting works however showed a surprising number of unplanned synchronicities that would be reflected in each other’s pieces. They dove into individual projects the following year to explore personal themes, both using photography as a medium but each taking distinct approaches. For 2016 they return to another One Year Art Process, to go deeper still, this time using embodied presence as the starting point for each week’s creation.

They value collaboration as a conduit for dynamic discourse and as an engaged form of alchemy. Their individual perspectives often merge and shift beyond words and concepts, to become a midnight dance upon a San Francisco hilltop or a kaleidoscopic installation in Geneva.

What began as a meeting point for Loo and Magali, Le Corridor continues to evolve and transform from a transitional space through which one moves, into a portal into the unknown, or the beginning of a quest..