52 weeks later

Setting out on a One Year Art Process is a bit like deciding you want to travel for a whole year. You have an idea of some of the places you want to visit, but you don’t know exactly where you’ll go, or how you’ll get from one point to another. The only thing you’re sure of is that you’re ready to begin your journey, and that by the time you return, you’ll be a changed person.

You create because you have these urges, because your fingers want to merge with the scissors in your hand. Somewhere within you wants to express itself; you cut and shape and form as a release. Desire fuels creation, but the fear of failure can be a stronger force.

Sharing your art requires giving as well as receiving. Misinterpretation, judgment, silence, can be the return for the creative self-revelations you offer. And if this is the way it’s going to be for 50 more weeks, then you better get used to it.

You create because you’ve made a commitment to yourself. These creations you share, you do so with delight. You create for yourself. You are the most important audience here.

You free yourself … Read More…

Sensations / Feedbacks

Une année, chaque semaine, une publication, deux œuvres qui se regardent…
One year, each week, one post, two pieces mirroring each other…

Répétition / Repetition
Chaque semaine, c’est le même travail, la même énergie à donner et, en vérité, ce n’est jamais pareil. Les gestes se ressemblent, les photos aussi et pourtant c’est une autre histoire à chaque étape.

Discipline / Discipline
Une rigueur, un rythme à trouver, un stress parfois à gérer… Une façon aussi d’honorer cette part de moi-même, de créer plus d’espace au sein de mon imagination.

Exploration / Exploration
Sorte de journal créatif, le thème, le sujet, l’obsession se dévoile au fil du temps, parfois en filigrane d’autre fois de façon plus explicite. Se perdre pour mieux se retrouver au final.

Confiance / Self confidence
Faire à la dernière minute, avoir peur de montrer, angoisse de la page blanche … Pour évoluer vers : me faire confiance, sentir le processus et m’amuser de mes impatiences !

Miroir / Mirror
Le lien qui fait qu’on ne peut pas tout arrêter, être la témoin privilégiée de son œuvre, me sentir dans son regard, dans les vôtres… Œuvres parallèles qui se … Read More…

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Creation of a Collage

How does a collage come together? Most of the time it begins only with the intention to create. As I’m looking through the pages of a magazine an image jumps forth. I cut it out, then begin to create a new set of relationships using this image. The process is intuitive. I feel, I cut, I assemble, I rearrange. The cycle repeats itself until there is a moment of arrival. This arrival can come after days of working through different iterations, using different pieces of images. Sometimes nothing seems to work; different ideas are competing with each other. Then a central idea starts to take shape but it still needs resolution. I keep looking for resolution and what happens often is the birth of another collage: while I’m building on what I think is the main piece, there on the sidelines, midst the cutouts that didn’t fit are the ingredients for a completely new collage that arises seemingly spontaneously. I love these moments which are truly part of the magic and joy of creation.

While the work is in progress, I’m constantly assessing its sense of balance, color, rhythm, symbolism, integrity. The complexity and size of … Read More…

How to Talk Art

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“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it,
does it make a sound?”
~ zen koan
“If a work of art is made and no one comments on it,
does it matter?”
~ art koan

. . .

“I want that!” is something you might say to state your preference of an entree at a restaurant. To hear it spoken by spectators in a museum gallery is to bring another level of meaning to this phrase; it’s a telling remark as to how we as a culture identify and connect to art.

Usually the person who exclaims “I want that!” in a museum setting is not truly serious about acquiring a new piece of art, nor is the art here for sale. Rather the person is saying, “Wow, I really like this work; this art speaks to me.” Yet its subtext discloses a desire to possess something simply because one likes it, even though the person may not know why or know how to articulate the reason. This desire to possess is the … Read More…