Origami Bird Spirit


To inaugurate the launch of this blog, I’d like to present an audio piece, a small tale of a young girl and her desire to fly. It was produced several years ago but contained within are themes still relevant. What you hear is my voice and my story, one of many.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this story. I have been reading a book about the wind, our dream of flying and our grounded roots of being’ destined to walk. I’ve been tought that we can fly every time we breath. We can strech or skrink the time by changing our breath rythim. As women, we keep switching in between our groundroots fade of being’ a mother and taking care of our own and the people that surround us; and at the same time, we just want to fly…we are lucky to breath… ;)
    bird regards, marina

  2. Marina, sounds like a wonderful book you’re reading.
    To take flight with each breath.. beautiful. thank you.
    it can be that simple.

  3. Your narrative reminds me a picture…

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